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Less Than Jake interview (12/12/09) [18 Dec 2009|11:20am]

South Florida Insider (www.sflinsider.net) interviews Buddy from Less Than Jake before his show at Revolution in Ft. Lauderdale.

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Hai. [17 Aug 2008|04:30am]

[ mood | rockin' ]

Soooo, I just joined this community and thought I'd make some sort of post.

Hi. I've been a Less Than Jake for about...oh 8 years I estimate. I got into them through the Digimon movie believe it or not, which featured Metalheads on its soundtrack. I've seen them at Summerfest two years in a row now, and they've been awesome both time. They are definitely my favorite band, I have yet to hear a song by them I don't at least like. My favorites are always changing, but overall I'd have to say my favorite record is Losing Streak. I have way too many songs I like to name, but most recently I've had Mr. Chevy Celebrity and Sleep it Off stuck in my head.

Also, Roger is awesome and I wish to touch his dreads.

That is all.

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Pics from NASS [06 Aug 2008|11:07pm]

Hey! Just thought I'd post the pics I took of LTJ at NASS back in June. They're not the best pics in the world but hey! I'm pretty new to Live Journal and so new to this community. Been a huge LTJ fan for years though :-)

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[23 Jul 2008|08:04pm]

Anyone here going to the show on Saturday (7/26)? Its gonna be soooo good! Been looking forward to it for a while now!
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[11 Jul 2008|11:30pm]

We have an interview with Less Than Jake on Sunday! If you have questions for the band please submit them to us by no later than 4pm EST tomorrow (Saturday July 12th). Mailbag@BurningStars.net
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[29 Jun 2008|04:18pm]

what's everyones favorite song from the new cd?

i kinda like "the life of the party has left the building" cuz its so mellow for them but its still amazing.
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[26 Jun 2008|10:18pm]

who loves the new cd like i do. it's so right and it fits so perfectly into their sound. im so happy with it. Less Than Jake is doing what is right. diy all the way.
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showtimes for ShoutItLoud [21 Jun 2008|07:01pm]

Hey There...anyone know if LTJ is the headliner on this whole tour, or do they switch off with Goldfinger?
I thought they took turns w/RBF last year,no?
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[17 Jun 2008|02:42pm]

I suggest you all head to gen79.com to join their e-team
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An interview with Less Than Jake [12 Jun 2008|09:32pm]

Central Michigan University's Grand Central Magazine chats with founding member and drummer-vocalist Vinnie Fiorello about some of the bands most embarrassing on-stage moments and the significance of his tattoos.

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Helllllooooooo There.... [07 Jun 2008|12:16pm]


Is anybody home?

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HUGE favor [19 Feb 2008|10:14pm]

Hi guys! I know this place has been dead lately, but I have a huge favor to ask someone.
I had this green LTJ army-looking hat with a red star on it, that I got at Warped Tour like two years ago. I went kayaking with my dad in the fall and lost it completely. Does anyone have one that they'd be willing to sell me? I miss mine terribly, since I wore in constantly.

Here is a photo for reference...

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B&B [29 Jan 2008|12:40am]

[ mood | confused ]

Now, I may have been on some pretty nifty drugs when I saw this, but I swear I watched a video (in the past week) or read something official from Chris stating that they were gonna rerelease/redo B&B on their new label.. Am I just completely effin nuts or is this for real?

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woah [13 Dec 2007|01:11am]

so the 2 Melbourne shows were amazing.

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HI ROGER! [19 Oct 2007|07:04pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Roger pulled up next to me at a stoplight. My day is now officially awesome. Unfortunately the light was changing as he pulled up, so I only got to wave and say hi, but still, FUCK YES!!

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REHASHER - The street team is restarting! [21 Sep 2007|03:29am]

Hey there y'all,
In light of the fact that the album is due out in the not-too-distant future, I've decided to reinstate the streetteam.
Here are our goals:
1- To ensure as many people know about this and are there waiting to buy the CD when it comes out (this one's going to be much bigger than OKM, I have reason to believe)
2- To remind people about OKM and how sexy it is
3- To get as much discussion going on as possible
4- Remember the video footage of the 3 songs Rehasher played in London? I wanna hear that shit and you probably do too...

This time we're coming back stronger and bolder than we've been before - the forum will be linked from the official site as soon as I get the go-ahead to redo it (also very soon). And we know more people now!

So here's what you should do:
Go to rehasher.proboards30.com and, (skip past the steps you've already done)
1. Register on the forum (any issues with passwords and the like, email sadie@speedlimit5000.com or hashteam@speedlimit5000.com)
2. Send me an email (to either of the above accounts), a private message (on the forum), or an IM (to HasherStreetTeam on AIM or sadie@speedlimit5000.com on MSN) to ask to be given the "Street Team" ranking on the board. This lets you access our hidden section of the forum!
3. Get busy posting, planning, and everything else!
4. Tell everyone you know who likes Rehasher, any of the members' other projects, or fast punk rock in general, to get involved too.

Thanks guys.
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Videos? [13 Aug 2007|04:53pm]

Anyone know where I can download LTJ videos? Other than Itunes because I need them in .mpeg, .mov, kinda file formats. I'm trying to put them on my cell phone so Itunes stuff won't work. Specifically, I'm looking for She's Gonna Break Soon. Thanks in advance :)
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Summerfest Pictures [05 Jul 2007|02:33pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

Hey! Just got the pictures uploaded from Summerfest last night. I had a good spot, but I'm still trying to figure out the timing on my camera, so some of them are a little blurry.

Summerfest!Collapse )

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[01 Jul 2007|12:23am]

not one new entry in almost two months?!?! did everyone die off?

let's get this place hopping again! the co-headlining summer tour starts in a few short days... what shows is everyone planning on going to and what b-sides do you want to hear played?

[sidebar: anyone else going to summerfest? i'm going by my lonesome and would like someone to geek out with in the very front during their set.]
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