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REHASHER - The street team is restarting!

Hey there y'all,
In light of the fact that the album is due out in the not-too-distant future, I've decided to reinstate the streetteam.
Here are our goals:
1- To ensure as many people know about this and are there waiting to buy the CD when it comes out (this one's going to be much bigger than OKM, I have reason to believe)
2- To remind people about OKM and how sexy it is
3- To get as much discussion going on as possible
4- Remember the video footage of the 3 songs Rehasher played in London? I wanna hear that shit and you probably do too...

This time we're coming back stronger and bolder than we've been before - the forum will be linked from the official site as soon as I get the go-ahead to redo it (also very soon). And we know more people now!

So here's what you should do:
Go to rehasher.proboards30.com and, (skip past the steps you've already done)
1. Register on the forum (any issues with passwords and the like, email sadie@speedlimit5000.com or hashteam@speedlimit5000.com)
2. Send me an email (to either of the above accounts), a private message (on the forum), or an IM (to HasherStreetTeam on AIM or sadie@speedlimit5000.com on MSN) to ask to be given the "Street Team" ranking on the board. This lets you access our hidden section of the forum!
3. Get busy posting, planning, and everything else!
4. Tell everyone you know who likes Rehasher, any of the members' other projects, or fast punk rock in general, to get involved too.

Thanks guys.
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