Soooo, I just joined this community and thought I'd make some sort of post.

Hi. I've been a Less Than Jake for about...oh 8 years I estimate. I got into them through the Digimon movie believe it or not, which featured Metalheads on its soundtrack. I've seen them at Summerfest two years in a row now, and they've been awesome both time. They are definitely my favorite band, I have yet to hear a song by them I don't at least like. My favorites are always changing, but overall I'd have to say my favorite record is Losing Streak. I have way too many songs I like to name, but most recently I've had Mr. Chevy Celebrity and Sleep it Off stuck in my head.

Also, Roger is awesome and I wish to touch his dreads.

That is all.

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Pics from NASS

Hey! Just thought I'd post the pics I took of LTJ at NASS back in June. They're not the best pics in the world but hey! I'm pretty new to Live Journal and so new to this community. Been a huge LTJ fan for years though :-)

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We have an interview with Less Than Jake on Sunday! If you have questions for the band please submit them to us by no later than 4pm EST tomorrow (Saturday July 12th). Mailbag@BurningStars.net